Market Recap April 1, 2022


Market Recap - April 1, 2022

S&P 500 E-Mini Futures - Weekly Chart

Weekly S&P 500 E-Mini shows nice Wyckoff behavior as the market retest the broken support area now resistance . Bulls must defend this area and keep the market above resistance. Bears need to provide supply in order for a change of behavior. We are at a critical area.

S&P 500 E-Mini Future (ES1!) - Weekly

Silver Futures - Weekly Chart

Monthly silver chart is A beauty of a Wyckoff structure. It is labeled nicely with its story. Please review this chart closely.
It's a clearly showcases a bullish behavior.

Silver Futures (SI1!) - Monthly

QS- Daily Chart

Daily QuantumScape Corp (QS) is a beauty of accumulation, mark up with sign of strength (SOS). And the current set up
is a classical Wyckoff schematic, to the dot.

QuantumScape Corp (QS) - Daily Chart

GBP/JPY - Weekly Chart

Weekly British pound shows the trading range (TR) and within the TR there is cause being built. Before the market moves out of the range we tend to see mid to high range closes near the highs, this can lead to a mark up.

GBP/JPY - Weekly

ETH/USD - Weekly Chart

Weekly Ethereum shows smaller ranges on this rally ( last 3 bars). Now entering resistance area as labeled

ETH/USD - Weekly Chart